Livestream Workshop

March 15

The Art of Witnessing

Kerstin Schubert-Strauß and Philip Stoll

Witnessing is love. It’s a real art of self. It requires full attention and great courage. What a challenge to open our selves to the raw complexity of the world’s processes! What a task to let go again the witnessed reality and return to a healthy emotional, mental and spiritual life. And what an opportunity to cultivate and explore GSW together. This GSW workshop offers a new beginning in how we become more sensitive, active global citizens. Inwardly hosting the unfolding of world processes can create a space of transformation for our selves and that which we witness. In this workshop we will explore some key witnessing capacities and qualities like attention, self-awareness, self-regulation or listening. We will also give some tools to regulate yourself after taking in challenging world-events. In order to tap into each ones witnessing capacities we will give space for peer-sharing – to listen to each other – and use our collective intelligence to develop GSW as a group. We as hosts of this workshop are two visual artists working with processes of transformation. We will share with you our learning from the artistic work and how this can be useful for GSW. We are also excited to use some artistic exercises to support the process.

Land in’ Presence

Darius & Angela

March 16

Seeing – Being Seen

Daniel Auf der Mauer

Position, Placemaking, Play

Stephanie Miracle

Awakening the senses towards embodied action through playful experiences that invigorate our sense of sight, touch, small, hearing, taste and proprioception. We will use choreographic tasks and scores to physically engage with the tangible environment around your personal space. We will return to the virtual space more activated and curious about our connections despite geographic impossibilities.

GSW in Motion

Ingrid Pickel

‘Me’ and the World: Subject-object relationship through the eyes of a filmmaker

Ayşe Kalmaz