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Mission Statement

Mission Statement GWS_Conference.Lab 2021

As part of the Institute für Global Integral Competence, the work field Global Social Witnessing at its core is the emergent human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness, thereby creating an inner world space mirroring these events.
With the first GSW_Conference.Lab in 2021, professionals, scientists, artists, politics, social activists, students and more from various fields such as psychology, education, spirituality, economics and technology come together to co-create new ideas, strategies, tools, and energy to help us become mature global citizens in our times of disruption and transformation.
We kindly refer to our Glossary to make sure we are clear in our language without overestimating the words we use to transmit a feeling and work in the goals of Global Social Witnessing. We understand words as vehicles that we use to share feelings. The goals of the Conference.Lab are:

Explore global social realities with international artists and scientists

Generate compassionate awareness and interconnectedness while deepening your felt sense as a global human

Stayin touch with a natural sense of possibility and vision to tune into the sweet spot between awareness, change and activism 

Hold the tension between reality and possibility to unfold your potential in the world
Witness that some possibilities may not be realized in one’s own lifetime to enable a deep trust and commitment regardless of outcomes
Lean into an embodied practice of compassionate global citizenship

To co-create Social Witnessing, we cordially invite you to join the conference.

Principles as a Movement for the Conference.Lab