Scientists Circle

This circle is researching on the potential of GSW as educational tool scientifically  by making dialogues with scientists from psychology, philosophy, biology, physics, sociology, brain research, neurology and politic science. The following questions should be answered in dialogues:

  • Does GSW enable one to become aware of a sense of connectedness or “prior unity”?
  • Does GSW increase the capacity for social cognition?
  • Does GSW heighten the sense of responsibility of individuals? 
  • Could GSW enable us to become aware of the collective social autopoiesis processes within social fields?
  • Does GSW support the realization of emergent global future potentials?
  • Could GSW be able to establish feedback loops and to feed back critical information into a system?
  • Does GSW lead to more multi-level connectedness and reciprocity among individuals?
  • Does GSW activate and strengthen neural circuits of perspective-taking, empathy and compassion?
  • Would GSW if practiced in groups establish reciprocal patterns of multi-brain neural activation?
  • Would GSW be able to shift identities form from ethnocentrism to world-centric in order to foster world-centric narratives?
  • Does GSW facilitate the emergence of generative social fields?