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Rik Spann

Rik Spann, M.A. is an Amsterdam-based applied musicologist, jazz musician, visual artist and organizational scientist. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution, co-founder of De Goudse School (transdisciplinary research), and associate of IFGIC and the Taos Institute. Blending his professional experiences in the art world with work addressing contemporary leadership challenges (under the banner ‘Vucajazz’) he founded Kind of Blue Consultancy. He works as an independent leadership, change and innovation consultant, and as a guest lecturer at international business schools and innovation institutes. He researches and publishes on a wide range of topics including improvisational communication, the jazz metaphor, complexity, leadership, design and emergence. 

With Bart Buechner and Sergej van Middendorp he published ‘Moral injury on the front lines of truth – An encounter with liminal experience and the transformation of meaning.’  In his upcoming book ‘Re-Sounding : Introducing an alternative framework for organization change‘, with Simon Martin (Metalogue, UK), he presents ideas and road-tested practices for engaging the metaphor of sound, music, the audible in processes of transformational change.