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Practitioners Circle

What we try to do is to meet on a regular basis and practice Global Social Witnessing.

That means to go really into an actual topic in the way GSW asks us for and afterwards also 
have some time of debriefing and meta-reflection what we could learn from it more on a level of principles of witnessing.
Our experience after doing this since around 10 month is that nearly every time a vulnerable and more clear space between us is showing up and that also our capacity to witness ourselves, us as a group and also bigger public events from the news are growing.
In addition it becomes really clear that different topics meet each of us differently so that sometimes one is „triggered a lot“ and sometimes someone else. That creates more and more a feeling of „we are all humans“ / humaneness between us.
Our aim with all this is to deepen our practice and understanding of GSW and in the best case create a consciousness with which we can support the lab in 2020 on a level of knowledge and in an energetic way.