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Philip Stoll

Philip Stoll is a visual artist working with the themes of attention and witnessing. Over the last 15 years he has been working with his meditative walking practice as a way of investigating the invisible qualities of places in Europe, Russia, North America and East Africa. His work abstracts visual reality, making the visible invisible in order to make the invisible visible. With long photographic exposures he lets site-specific light express itself on film as a way of witnessing the qualities of places. His photographic paintings have been exhibited internationally in galleries and collections such as Kulturhuset Järna, Kunststation St. Peter, Gallery ArtLantis, Froehlich Collection etc. Most recently, he led a workshop series at the international peace conference „Overcoming Violence“ 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda. During this time he also used his artistic technique to witness the country’s mass-graves. Other projects of his include collaborations with the city of Mannheim to heal a public park’s biodiversity with artistic inclusive methods.