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Markus Nitsch

I am Markus Nitsch and I´m a 24 years old student at Witten/ Herdecke. I´m in my 4th bachelor semester in philosophy, politics and economics and before that, I finished studies in social pedagogics on a bachelor level in my hometown Berlin. In my youth I did 10 years of high-performance sport with canoeing, on an international level and on a sports school. I came in touch with global social witnessing through professor Matoba and his courses at the university. Through the different stations in my life I learned to reflect a lot on myself, but also the people and the world around me. I developed an eye for the interconnectedness of individuals, societies, politics and global events, as well as an urge to change something or at least to create possibilities and an environment for people to change and co-create a better future for our global community.