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Clara Perinchery

Dr. Clara Perinchery is  a doctor for internal medicine, family practitioner and mother.                      
She has been mainly working in the field of oncology at the University Hospital in Freiburg. As a medical scientist she has undertaken studies on life quality of oncologic patients. Since 10 years she is specializing on Transparent Communication being part of the assistant team of Thomas Hübl.
Since her youth she has a continuous meditation practice which enabled her to bring the quality of witnessing in to her daily life, work and environment.

“Witnessing, staying there with all strong feelings that come up, stepping out of anonymity, not moving away an inch… makes you an activist.”
“My name is Clara Perinchery, I see what you are doing, and I am staying…”

She is cofounder of the art project “The Citizen is Present” and founder of the Heart Kids Education Center in India, Member of Health for Future and Parents for Future in Freiburg.