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Ayse Kalmaz

Director/writer (*1984 in Izmir) started her first cinematic experiences in collaboration with Prof. Adolf Winkelmann for the video art project “Flying Pictures” and in collaboration with production company colorfield for cinema, and television productions such as “Germany from above”, “Automatic Brain”. She completed her first cinema documentary film “Dügün – Hochzeit auf Türkisch” (Dügün – Wedding in Turkish) together with the internationally awarded documentary filmmaker Marcel Kolvenbach in 2015. In 2016, she worked together with Marcel Kolvenbach on the documentary film project for Bayrischer Rundfunk “OMO”, where the fates of refugees on their way to Germany were thematized. With the film project “Das verlorene Paradies” (The Lost Paradise) commissioned by Theater Dortmund with young refugees from Syria, Ayse Kalmaz began to include people’s perspectives on their own stories even more directly within the framework of artistic participatory projects. In 2017, she first realized the project “Lohberg 46” with the Kinderschutzbund and Parkwerk e.V. , which was followed by “the Miracle of Lohberg,” where topics of intercultural conflict, prejudice and racism were developed in a partly fictional way together with the residents and processed on film. In 2018, she realized the artistic interdisciplinary project “Download Future” at the Theater Dortmund, which was followed in 2019 by the film project “Perspektivwechsel” a film about the violence between the task force of the Dortmund police and the football fans. Currently, in addition to various art, and cultural projects and film workshops with a thematic focus on issues of intercultural conflict, racism and migration, she is dedicated to the peace initiative “For Peace” in collaboration with the organization Love for Life in Berlin and other international peace organizations and the international artistic research project on the topic of “Third Space”.