Input dialogue

On day 2, with the theme ‘Witnessing the world’, the speakers include Keval Khalsa, Aftab Omer, Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Stefan Häfliger, and Terje Sparby. In this multi-disciplinary panel discussion, our speakers will explore different types of awareness of critical global events while drawing from their academic expertise (including social change, management, consciousness studies, integral theory) and personal-professional experiences as practitioners and world-citizens.  The dialogue will target the following guiding questions:

  • (How) can the practice of GSW lead to an embodied personal and global “response-ability”?
  • As practitioners, what is required in order to let oneself be affected and become an effective agent for social change? What is the role of ‘negative feelings’ such as guilt or despair or experiences of apathy and overwhelm, and how can they be dealt with?