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Roman Huber

Establishing Mehr Demokratie e.V.(CEO) since 1996, now 10,000 members, 180,000 supporters, 9 offices, 35 staff and is currently the largest direct democracy organisation worldwide. MDhas collected six million signatures offline, conducted more than 40 popular initiatives and referenda and achieved 30 constitutional or legislative amendments. Currently implementing citizens assemblies at national level on democracy and climate change.

From 2007 onward, one of three cofounders of Schloss Tempelhofcommunity: home to 100 adults and 40 children, with its own school for free development (which 80 children), organic agriculture, seminar house…. Basic Idea: To create a space that allows the “field testing” of societal developments, to find new ways of dealing with social structures, agriculture, work, energy, financials, care, old age.

What is the next developmental stage of democracy? How does community-building work in society? How can we make available, in practical terms, collective intelligence at the societal level and how can we work through collective trauma?