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Kerstin Schubert-Strauß

I studied art and education at the University of Augsburg, Germany. 
I have been a freelance artist since 1998.
As an artist I am interested in making the invisible visible. What happens in the  process of art making when I open myself completely, make me available. What really wants to express itself?
That has awakened in me the interest in spirituality and healing.
After my studies I dedicated myself to my four children.
By being a mother I find besides art, a further access to the Sacred.
In 2011 I studied  Integral Spirituality in Berlin, Germany and since 2012 I have been a student of Thomas Hübl. 
Since then I have been supporting people in their consciousness process.
My work as an artist and coach is influenced by the search of the Sacred, the deep research of what individual and collective healing really is.
I think that art and healing come from the same source.
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