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Kazuma Matoba

Kazuma Matoba is Apl.-Professor for Intercultural Education and Communication at Witten/Herdecke University, co-founder of Institute for Global Integral Competence e.V. 
He was born in Kobe/Japan where he has observed and learned for 30 years how to make a bridge between modern and tradition, western and eastern culture, body and mind, yin and yan, male and female, material and spirit, science and mystics, and science and art. For this learning journey Kazuma studied western and eastern philosophy, European and Japanese Linguistics, Johrei (Japanese medicine), Kado (traditional Japanese flower arrangement), Sado (traditional Japanese tee ceremony), Feldenkrais, Anthroposophy etc. After his PhD in Linguistics in Germany he was interested in dialogical philosophy by Martin Buber and David Bohm. Since that time he has facilitated many dialogue processes in Germany, Japan, China, Switzerland and USA. His research topics are cultural diversity, cosmopolitan communication, third-culture building, refugee crisis, and global social witnessing. The last topic is his life-long research theme because he has asked a question \”how can human being feel more interconnected consciously\” since more than 30 years.
In order to answer to this question he participated in founding the following organisations:

Bunte Schule in Dortmund

International Society of Diversity Management e.V.

Institute for Global Integral Competence e.V. 

AIS Graduate Program