Online Witnessing

Collective Online Witnessing and Presencing initiative

The Global Social Witnessing Conference Lab in Witten, Germany starts in a few weeks. Four days of talks, workshops and relational practice enquiring into our capacity to witness and presence life.

We would like to invite you to participate in and practice this emerging human capacity for free from the comfort of your own home. With your generous participation we are keen to explore what happens when we bring more witnessing presence to the society and culture we are part of

How does it work in practice?

We will open a zoom video conference room twice a day to coincide with the meditation and reflection times at the conference. Here we will sit in silence for 40 minutes. There will be a short guided meditation followed by 30 mins of silence. In the last few minutes our attention will be guided to an event or unfolding. We will then open a space for sharing.

  • (First time at Zoom? Follow the instructions)
  • Zoom-ID of the meeting: 437-526-6395
  • Mute microphone, turn camera on or off
  • Join as often as you like, alone or as a group (Free to join)

Start Monday, March 15th, at 8.30 am CET

End on Thursday, March 18th, at 2.30 pm CET

(Refer to schedule below for the global gathering times.)





Mon 15th March

6.30pm & 4.30am

8.30am & 6.30pm

2.30am & 12.30pm

Tues  16th March

7pm & 4.30am

9am & 6.30pm

3am & 12.30pm

Wed 17th March

7pm & 4.30am

9am & 6.30pm

3am & 12.30pm

Thurs 18th March

7pm & 12.30am

9am & 2.30pm

3am & 8.30am