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Angela von Rotz

Already as a child Iexplored my surrounding by dancing and moving. I studied 4 years of dancetherapy and movementpedagogics. 
As a body- and movement-researcher, Itravelled the world. Through dance and music i connected to foreign cultures. 
In my movement-workshops I support people in reconnecting to their life-source. Issues on individual, systemic or collective level are like offerings for the playground, that is a sensitive space of higher presence, deep listening and witnessing.
With my live played music and little simple words I guide the participants to connect to the human instinct or the non-linear mind. The higher state of presence allows deep listening to impulses of the body, that leads into unique ways of expression.
My work is based on ritual performance, improvisation,movement,contact-improvisation, butoh, meditation, constellation work, Somatic Experiencing.