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Adrian Wagner

Adrian Wagner, Doctoral candidate of Thomas Hübel’s AIS Graduate Programm, Social Worker, Political Scientist and co-founder of Teal Wave Consulting.  
In his dissertation Adrian is currently researching the Pocket Project with awarness based action research methods based on Presencing and Theory U. His focus is to shine more light on collective trauma integration and how to develop individually and collectivly the capacity of Global Social Witnessing. As part of the Institute for Integral Global Competence he is engaged in the preperation of the first Global Social Witnessing Lab in 2020 at the University Witten/Herdecke.
Adrian has published in various magazins such as Info3 and Evolve about young leaders, collective transformation and social change. He currently lives and works in a community in the black forest where he co-founded the co-working space waldraum e.V. He loves Japanesse Martial Arts, body based meditation, poetry and dancing tango.